Tony Abbott ………….not to be trusted

Last year Abbott and Hockey argued it was all absolutely necessary

  • $60 billion cuts in health, increasing emergency and elective surgery waiting times


  • 6 months without any money for unemployed young people.   This year Hockey says unemployment will hit 6.5%  


  • massive future rises in university charges


  • a lower indexation rate for pensions, meaning less dollars.

Now miraculously he wants you to forget about the 2014 Budget, re elect him and then he could try last years model again.

To win votes he and Hockey have

  • Doubled the deficit from $17.1 billion to $35.1 billion.


  • Created a record net debt of $286 billion.


  • Predicted a taxation receipts average of 22.65% over the forward estimates


  • Provided for a Coalition spending increase of an average 1.8% over the forward estimates.

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