Tony Abbott has commenced his period as Australian Prime Minister with an especially poor outcome.

Over a myriad of fronts from a ham fisted approach to regional neighbours that we need to cooperate with unequalled secrecy over boat claimant arrivals, the destruction of Australia’s automobile and related accessory industries and a constant revision of deficit projections, he has been found wanting.

Personal viciousness to opponents and simplistic claims about carbon action costs are no longer sufficient to divert attention from his failings. 


  • More than 20,400 low paid workers in Werriwa will lose a tax refund of $500 from Abbott’s superannuation cuts.  Meanwhile, 16,000 of the wealthiest people in Australia lay back and enjoy a tax break on their savings. 
  • His axing of the Schoolkids Bonus means that 12,600 eligible Werriwa families no longer receive an extra $205 for primary and $410 for high school students.  That is over $1,200 each year or $15,000 for the life of their education.  
  • A $4.3 million investment in skills training for students at local schools including Mt Carmel, James Meehan and Eagle Vale is also threatened.

These are savage cuts from a Government that clearly doesn’t care about local families or our kids’ education.

My office staff and I remain committed to working with local electors to overcome the Abbott theory that the only answer for Australia is lowering wages and conditions to compete with Cambodian and Vietnamese workers when China’s wage rates rise.




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