The Abbott Governments Budget of broken promises will especially hurt pensioners and families already struggling to make ends meet.

“The people of Werriwa have every right to feel betrayed by this Budget of broken promises and twisted priorities”.

“Before the election the Prime Minister promised no cuts to health, no cuts to education, and no changes to the pension.”

 As well as a new fuel tax and new charges to visit a doctor, Tony Abbott has overseen a litany of broken promises in a budget that will see pensioners hit by indexing their payment to the CPI, not the higher average weekly earnings and benefits for holders of Pensioner Concessions and Seniors Card Holders under threat.

Young people facing unemployment in Werriwa 30 years or under will be forced to wait six months to receive assistance and those under 24 will be moved to the Youth allowance losing $48 a week.  Apprentices are also hit with Tools for Trade payments abolished and now financed by a loan scheme and six training and mentoring programs abolished.

Families do not escape either with eligible Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part B recipients around $2,300 worse off losing out cut when their youngest child turns six years instead of 16 under Labor. 

Additionally, the abolition of the Schoolkids bonus of $410 for Primary and $820 for secondary aged kids and the reduction of additional Family Tax benefits will cost at least 12,000 local families thousands of dollars per year.

“Before the election the Prime Minister promised no new taxes and no tax increases.”

“Every time you fill your car, go to the doctor, send your kids to school or watch a show on the ABC or SBS, Tony Abbot will be the burden on your shoulder.”

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